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Vintage Car

This car has accompanied me through most of my life. Built with basic manual tools, it was presented at school in 2004 as science fair project and improved it over the years.

First run !

Presentation in maker event at PUC-Rio (HackPUC 2017)

The chassi is almost entirely made out of wood, including chassis, body and fenders.
This car uses the engine and transmission from my old mini-buggy, a few standard car parts and many custom made items.
It features:​


  • 3.5 HP two-stroke gasoline engine

  • Forward, idle and reverse gears

  • Centrifugal clutch for idling when stopped

  • Ackerman steering using rack-and-pinion and universal joints

  • Spring suspension on the four wheels

  • Drum brakes on both rear wheels

  • Headlights and storage compartment in the front.

Installing the torsion spring for the gas pedal return

Finishing touches on wooden fenders

Fender structure

Paint job finished in october 2004.

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