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Combat Robots

Since joining RioBotz team at PUC-Rio in 2008, I've designed, built and fought several combat robots. Many of them won gold medals in Brazilian and International competitions, such as Robogames in California.

Robot combat is a form of robot competition in which two or more custom-built machines use varied methods of destroying or disabling the other. The machines are generally remote-controlled and use mechanical impact weapons to inflict damage on their opponents. However, other strategies such as pneumatic launchers and flamethrowers are also popular. 

Robot builders are generally hobbyists and the complexity and cost of their machines can vary substantially. Robot combat uses weight classes, with the heaviest robots able to exert more power and destructive capabilities. The rules of competitions are designed for safety of the builders, operators, and spectators while also providing for an entertaining spectacle. Robot combat arenas are generally surrounded by a Lexan bulletproof screen.

Minotaur: 113kg (250lbs) combat robot, with its two toys made by VEX robotics, one of Minotaur' sponsors.

Minotaur dance (1).jpg
riobotz (6).jpg

Minotaur and Touro Maximus tilting sideways due to the drum's gyroscopic effect.

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