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Electric Bamboo Car

This car uses DC permanent magnet 24V electric motor, some commercial car parts and many custom made items.
The chassis, seat and front structure are made out of bamboo and plywood.

It features:​


  • Two 1HP Bosch GPA DC motors, later upgraded to single Ampflow A28-400

  • Forward, idle and reverse in a single accelerator lever

  • Electronic speed controllers using PWM to control speed

  • Spring suspension on the four wheels.

  • Ackerman steering using rack-and-pinion and universal joints

  • Electric motor brakes the car when slowed down

  • Four 12V 65Ah standard car batteries power the vehicle

SolidWorks® CAD model of the entire vehicle

Rear suspension and drive structure

Front axle with spring suspension

Rear suspension clamps

Steel clamps with rubber dampening evenly distribute forces, securing components to the bamboo chassis

Rear suspension made from spring and welded steel piping

Drive-train using two 24V Bosch GPA motors in parallel configuration and a total 1:9 gear reduction. 

Two universal joints adjust the steering column to a confortable angle, making a total 80º shift.

Rack-and-pinion steering and ball joints on connecting rods.

Bamboo seat assembly

Front structure assembly using fiberglass cloth and epoxy resin.

Electric Bamboo car

OSMC - Open Source Motor Controller ESCs

Accelerator lever and main power switch

Electric vehicle presentation at the event "Sustainable 2011" in Rio de Janeiro port.

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