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S-N Fatigue Testing Machine

High-cycle fatigue tests are widely used by a variety of industries and research laboratories. This projects consists on the design and development of a mechanical fatigue test machine by bending of a rotating beam, with the objective of testing high-cycle fatigue and service-life loads. The machine is capable of rotating at 18,000 rpm, generating cyclic stresses at 300 Hz. Loads are variable by digital input, and are controlled by a closed loop linear actuator. The design is versatile, being able to generate stresses from zero to 3000 MPa on all test-specimen sizes. It is portable (lightweight) and costs a fraction of standard commercial models.


Mechanical fatigue alternating loads

Maquina SN 2014 iso 2.JPG

3D machine design CAD project

I developed this project firstly as an undergraduate research assistant, under supervision of Professors Marco Antonio Meggiolaro and Jaime Tupiassú. The machine later became my mechanical engineering graduation project and was published at the 24th COBEM congress in Curitiba, Brazil.

XIX Undergraduate Scientific Seminar (2011)      PDF (portuguese)

Graduation Research Project (2014)                   PDF (portuguese)

24th ABCM Congress Research Paper (2017)       PDF (english)

SN machine photo final_edited.jpg

Complete SN fatigue machine

2014-06-16 15.09.34_edited.jpg

Graduation project fair in 2014

Fabrication pictures

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